The wait is over!

Today was the beginning. I was accepted to medical school in November and I just survived my first day…kinda. It was the first day of orientation, so it’s not really the first day of classes but I’ll still count it.

One year ago I finished my junior year of college, took my MCAT, and took my chances at applying to medical school. Today, I woke up and it hit me; I’m on my way to becoming a doctor (still in disbelief that these people think I have what it takes to one day care for others).

From the ice breakers to the presentations, I just couldn’t help but get stuck in my own head reflecting on this process. Four years of undergrad— taking some challenging courses, staying up late to study, and constantly (half) joking about choosing a different career path. I am extremely grateful for all the people who have played a part in making this dream of mine a reality, your support and encouragement has motivated me to keep at it at times when I felt like it was impossible. I am excited (lol, we’ll see how long that lasts) and terrified for all that first year has to offer. For now, I guess I’ll enjoy the “free time” that I have left and hope for the best.

4 Days until Bootcamp!


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