Days 15-19: A Week of Firsts!

This has been a week filled with a couple of milestones in my medical career!

Tuesday July 24

“You may now begin your encounter”. Inhale, knock knock. Just beyond the wooden door, waiting to be seen, is my first patient (albeit just an actor). Tuesday was the first time that I FELT like a doctor. The past 3 weeks of med school has just been sitting in lecture for what seems like an eternity and trying to absorb all the information like a sponge. But today, I was able to introduce myself to someone else as Student Doctor Wilson Mei (whoa). The first minute or two of my interaction was nerve racking. Is my patient comfortable? Am I asking the right questions? What can I do to butter this person up so that I get a high evaluation? All these questions popped into my head but there came a point where I forgot all about that. I started to feel more excited rather than anxious. It was fun conversing with this person, being a detective, and collecting pieces of information that’ll be used in treating my patient. Definitely looking forward to my next patient encounter and for the day I actually see my first real patient!

Thursday July 26

I can say that I survived my first test! It was a bit of a struggle getting through 4 weeks worth of lectures and material. The amount of information thrown at you is like going from 0 to 100.

Did I do as well as I wanted to? No.

For a bit, I was disappointed in myself for making the mistakes that I did and for not studying as much as I should have. But rather than beating myself up about it, I was encouraged to use this experience as motivation to kill the next test. In the grand scheme of things, this one exam is insignificant and serves as a good chance to learn how to deal with bumps in the road! I definitely expect to not do as well in future assessments but all the more reason to work hard.

Halfway through Block 1!


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