Taking Time Off Med School

After some thought and self reflection, I have realized that medicine may not be for me.

I’m just kidding, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. As much as it is stressful at times, I love that I’m always gaining knowledge and learning new things.

When I decided to pursue medicine, one of the things many people said/cons that was brought up was the idea of sacrifice and having to be okay with missing out on things.

The first sacrifice that I’ve had to make is family. Having been away from my family for the past 4 years for undergrad (with the exception of breaks), my parents were excited by the idea that I would potentially be home post graduation. Unfortunately for them, I ended up in a graduate program out of state. While I don’t get to see them often, we try to make do with weekly phone calls, although I admit there are times when I forget to call. Fortunately for me, they’re very understanding that being a medical student means having new responsibilities that may take precedence over family.

The second sacrifice is social life. Like family, there will be times when I have to put aside friends. As a social person, this is difficult to deal with since I get serious FOMO. I guess you could say I’m still in the process of learning to reject offers to hang out with friends in favor of studying (booooo, I know). Social media is another aspect of my life that I am still in the process of rejecting. It’s almost second nature for me to log onto Facebook or Instagram the moment I open up a browser/unlock my phone. Even when I am on social media, I have to get used to seeing pictures of vacations, birthdays, night outs, etc. – events that I am no longer a part of.

Geneseo Wedding #??????? Congratulations Gabby and Andrew!

Although medical school takes up a majority of my time, it is not life. Over the past month, I’ve had many opportunities to go to beach, grab a drink, and even attend a couple of weddings (congrats Ali & Jeff and Andrew & Gabby!!!!). I was initially hesitant to attend such events because I was afraid it would cut into my studying. With multiple quizzes the following Monday, I should probably be utilizing my time to do work instead of traveling and partying. But in retrospect, I would have regret missing out on something as momentous as the union of two people. When I look back, I’m not going to remember taking Quiz #5 out of a thousand. I’m going to remember the quality time I spent getting to know those around me. Sure I’m a little more stressed out Sunday nights but do I have any regrets? Not a single one.

Progress Test 2 in one week and Block Week in 2 Weeks!


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