Coming to hospitals near you.

It’s official, we’ve received our FIRST WHITE COAT! Yesterday, on the 22nd of September, the Class of 2022 celebrated the 22nd annual White Coat Ceremony (it was meant 2 be, haha).

For those unfamiliar, the White Coat Ceremony is considered a rite of passage for those starting their journey in the healthcare field. It symbolizes the hard work put in to reaching this point in our lives, all the tests we’ve taken (and will take), all the sacrifices made to achieve our dreams, the compassion/empathy we must show, and it symbolizes our transition from students to student doctors.

IMG_6243 2
Who knew putting on a coat would be so much pressure?

Something to note about our white coats is the length. Medical students receive short white coats at the start of their journey and are donned long ones upon graduating. The idea is that we grow into the length after accumulating knowledge and understanding of the practice of medicine during our time in medical school (kind of nuts that it’s less than 4 years away).

After all 170ish of us were coated in our crisp white coats, we recited our version of the Hippocratic Oath witnessed by family, friends, faculty, and each other, committing ourselves to serving the needs of our future patients. I’ll admit, I’ve been feeling pretty bogged down these past couple of days by all the work that has been thrown at us and not doing as well as I’d like. But yesterday was yet another reminder of why I’m doing this and an encouragement to keep pressing on. I’m no longer doing this for me, I’m doing this for all the potential lives I’ll have the opportunity to impact in the future.

Photos with friends and family was a perfect way to end the evening, the white coat just accentuated everything (literally, everyone looked SO GOOD in their white coat). Too bad this weekend, like all weekends, went by quickly. Tomorrow, we go back to reality. I have 25 muscles in the leg and foot to learn by tomorrow and there are 3 weeks until the end of Block 2!

Wear your coats with pride.


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