Hello! My name is Wilson and I am a current second year medical student with a passion for learning, poor sleep habits, and an unhealthy obsession with pizza and ice cream.

I started this blog to update friends and family about my experience in medical school. I also wanted to document my journey to becoming a doctor and hopefully in the process make it all seem a little less intimidating. I hope to inspire others to pursue their dreams, that this blog helps out a few of you and entertains the rest.

Some stuff about me: I graduated college in May 2018 and started med school the summer of 2018. As mentioned previously, I REALLY love pizza and ice cream, like, I can consume a disgusting amount of both. Finding Nemo is my favorite movie, fruit snacks are my go to candy, and I have this thing where I prefer to eat finger foods with chopsticks.

Unpopular opinion but pineapple belongs on pizza.